Old industrial buildings decay. A place of inspiration, to do business, a safe residence, a beacon. There nothing left but banded ironstones and marine lava deposits, interspersed with softer, easily eroded tillites, mudstones and conglomerates the outcrop forms the ridge from which the basin and its rocks derive gold was embedded in a conglomerate, assumed to be alluvial gold in an old riverbed tilted by earth movements not merely developed for the narrow width of a river, but continued in depth, there came the realisation that this conglomeratic zone was of sedimentary succession. Gold occurs only along northern and western margins of this basin, but no continuous band. Archean rivers from north and west formed fan deltas, (gold bearing fan deltas now below the surface) many braided channels, before flowing south to sea rapid and frequent variation separated by temporary islands once a given system crosses a threshold it will convert from meandering to braided a lagoon located on the river-coast interface wide, shallow channels, preventing the helical flow all contain young, rapidly eroding mountains