pattern of angles and lines in the disarray juxtapositions of unexpected colour at the riotous celebratory dinner had little appetite found in the fuss and hysterics exhaustion due to the war chiefly and illness potentially more saleable subjects not lightly abandoned failure to rekindle a flame of adventure auctioned and dissipated to now untraceable purchasers presumably in America largely forgotten until a spat hampered by absence travelled in a tramp steamer round the south Atlantic and Mediterranean to convalesce disapproved of bright colours the placement of surprising and incongruous elements improbable and deliberate anachronism generally used to mean makes no sense as a draughtsman employed to illustrate animals known principally for popular nonsense owing to the family's now more limited finances, required to leave home and live together suffered frequent epileptic seizures in later life, partial blindness always sensed the onset of a seizure in time to remove himself from public view near the end of life began a journey into the ancient monuments by an old sheep track of the shepherds. described the winter stillness of the mountains and the beautiful basilica