as one who works with wood and stone built ersazt the brittle planet now a flaming tomb with room to spare for you to bow down three times today and every after ward a way even tide tames sidelong times to give in would long since on earth take possess dearly bought afford and cancel th'old having been a tenant long not thriving I resolved a new small-rented lease in heaven they told me I straight return'd in cities, theatres, gardens, parks and courts, in great resorts, at length I heard a ragged mirth of theives who said a new parable worthy of the old, and died some scholar will discover use of every word shuffling through transitive catalogue proves unable to comprehend the conduct of man withholding movement always in the garden against the assured refinements longing for a static sign, negative proof, urgency beyond scope. On the back of this book the reader will find anonymous going on about revealing the evil everyday wait each emergency leave alone dead copse shriveling against the comfort felt late unspecified solace in the lateness of this late work I look at Eliot sleep in dust coddling the fires consumed whatever the rubbish was wail and whine and whimpering a tamed thing tired of living sounds as if alive I find it so natural not to think before the long knife slips out slit open supple skin to find something alive inside besieged with bolts of light pestering color cutting staid sloe indurate as ancient ice small sour blackish fruit of blackthorn I am clean forgot I the burnt shrub itself piceous rose around whitewashed walls atramentous marks meek though they Earnest lamentations and mawkish outcry of hotheads endless loss is all trouble me must I be stout, opportune permutation offering no improvement save wan gesture something was must I seek some other plenty troubling excitement, interpolation of return complete complex gesture of flight, harrowing cameo, reading is bleak. that it was a waste of time master out? guessing at the telos of this twice-told story, all corpses burning, somehow mother was headless belied by clear-eyed observation I have some somewhere of brother in permanent danger self-exalting sentiment somewhat facile erstwhile horatory evocation of hypothetical suffering the yoke of myself, the beast preserved in the permafrost beneath the pole still misguided lines like everything else inevitable surfeit floe on sea surface ice mass float along separated segment